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Want to get involved and serve the chapter? 

You can let us know by sending an email to let us know your interests in the following:

The Chapter Events/National Payroll Week Committee -  Helps plan our monthly Chapter meetings, assist in planning our National Payroll Week celebration and supporting our OCPP (Statewide) representatives with the planning of the upcoming conference.

The Community Service Committee - Helps plan and organize charitable events and activities for our Chapter members involvement and determines worthy causes for the Chapter to promote and support.

The Membership Committee - Focused on making sure that all professionals in payroll or payroll-related professions are aware of the Chapter and of all of the benefits membership has to offer. Activities include sending out communications, helping to develop other promotional materials that can be distributed to our "prospects" and developing ideas to promote the Chapter in the Columbus area.

The Education/Study Group Committee - Primarily focused on setting up our CPP Study Groups each year, determining the venue and finalizing the list of presenters for each section.  This group helps identify other educational opportunities for our membership.

The Technology/Website Committee - Focused on developing our website into an even more useful resource for our members.  Activites include promoting the website, training our members on how to fully utilize the site and ensuring the site is in a state of continuing improvement.  This committee will also be involved with the Social Networking of our Chapter groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and working on ways to improve those groups for the benefit of our members.